Our litigation practice is coordinated by Mrs. Simona Reithofer, a pleading lawyer with over 20 years experience before the Romanian courts.

The litigation team offers assistance and representation before all Romanian courts, in a wide range of disputes arisen in connection with the commercial activity of a company.

Our litigating lawyers have been selected from the top graduates of law schools in Romania and trained under the direct guidance of Professor Bazil Oglindă for developing carefully planned strategies in which, from the moment a litigation is initiated and until its completion, all the steps and all the evidence to be administered are known, in order to obtain the result agreed with the client as being in accordance with his interests and expectations.


Resources are allocated in full, in order to provide a high-quality service for our clients

The Litigation department was designed in accordance with the Oglinda & Partners’ way of working, which, unlike most law firms in the country, is not focused on volume and quantity, but aims to address a limited number of files characterized by a high degree of difficulty. In order to do this, we allocate as much resources and time for documentation and drafting as necessary, in order to provide our clients a high-quality service.

For each file and each client, we tailor different teams of lawyers and external experts hyperspecialized in the field of the file. We create multidisciplinary teams, gathering together know-how, experience and skills that cover the whole range of legal issues the case entails.

Thanks to this way of handling disputes, since its foundation until today, Oglinda&Partners has earned its reputation, recording a success rate of over 80%. This result was possible also thanks to the devotion for understanding the client’s business and industry, as well as due to the continuous involvement of the founding partners, Bazil Oglindă and Simona Reithofer, in cultivating an efficient communication lawyers - client's staff.  Good relationship with client’s specialized staff is essential for knowing every detail of the case and in understanding the evidence and documents, as they differ from case to case and from industry to industry.

O&P operates in the following specific litigation areas:

  • Administrative contentious;
  • Commercial and civil litigations;
  • Corporate and M&A related cases;
  • Insolvency procedures;
  • Labour Law;
  • Medical and pharma;
  • White collar crime.
  • Assisting and representing an important Romanian electricity and thermal energy producer against a financial institution, in relation to the performance of a leasing contract;
  • Post-dispute legal assistance provided to Oglindă&Partners’ clients in enforcement procedures;
  • Legal assistance and representation in inheritance debate procedures;
  • Representing one of the biggest Romanian software developer in a litigation against an international telecom company;
  • Legal advice and representation of the Authority for the Administration of State assets in connection with various disputes related to privatization and post-privatization issues;
  • Legal assixtance and representation provided to various clients in medical sector in relation to the National Health Insurance House, through specific disputes for achieving the cost reimbursement for medical services.