Cristina Olariu


Cristina Olariu has been part of Oglindă&Partners` team since the foundation of the company and currently manages the Construction Law department.

Cristina Olariu

Cristina graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, and subsequently attended a Master in International Arbitration. Therefore, Cristina has accumulated knowledge and experience in construction law and in complex commercial arbitration projects, by providing contract management and dispute resolution services for national and international Contractors.

Additionally, in 2018 Cristina Olariu became an insolvency practitioner, managing to bring a valuable addition through legal assistance and counseling regarding the practices of preventing insolvency proceedings and management of complex corporate affairs.

Member in Bucharest Bar.

Practice areas

During her career, Cristina Olariu was providing consultancy and representation in dispute resolution in the following areas:

  1. Construction Law (construcții de infrastructură, industriale, civile, de patrimoniu)
  2. International arbitration
  3. Civil Law
  4. Commercial Law
  5. Corporate Law
  6. Enforcement Law
  7. Insolvency
  8. Intellectual property

  1. Provision of integrated technical-legal contract management services and representation in all disputes arising from a contract for the design and execution of a motorway section, for an important foreign entrepreneur, present in the infrastructure construction market in Romania for over 15 years;
  2. Legal assistance provided in connection with the FIDIC specific procedures for the settlement of various disputes arising under a contract for the design and execution of a motorway section;
  3. The provision of technical-legal consultancy and assistance services for the management of mutual claims in the relationship between the subcontractor and the general contractor offered to a major foreign entrepreneur;
  4. Recovery of a prejudice of over 30 million EUR generated by a central public authority through the continuous failure to fulfill an obligation, for a major Romanian contractor in the field of infrastructure construction;
  5. Recovery of costs arising from additional works under a contract for the design and execution of a railway section in the northern area of the country;
  6. Legal representation of a large Romanian infrastructure construction company, in a commercial arbitration, with a value of over 50 million lei;
  7. Providing permanent legal advice and contract management services in relation to ongoing infrastructure projects, the relationship with the contracting authority, public authorities, subcontractors, suppliers, etc. offered to O&P customers, including a well-known national infrastructure construction company;
  8. successful representation in more than 30 disputes arising from public procurement contracts concluded with local public authorities of a group of companies mainly active in regional infrastructure construction projects;
  9. Representation of an important Romanian constructor in a dispute against CNAPM, with the purpose of achieving the final reception, the release of guarantees and the payment of the amounts due for executed works;
  10. Legal assistance provided by conducting a due diligence report, counseling and designing a strategy in relation to a complex dispute arising from a contract concluded with CNAIR for the execution of works to modernize a section of highway, including suspension and removal of the effects of a negative finding document;
  11. The provision of technical-legal services for contract management and claim management, as well as permanent advice in the implementation of projects;
  12. Assistance and advice in the management of events of general impact on the field (price adjustment, cost increase, negative findings, terminations due to the entrepreneur’s fault, time and cost claims, opinions and authorizations, etc.);
  13. Representing a major economic operator in the district of heating installation and construction market, in an international commercial arbitration conducted according to the rules of ICC Paris, between the subcontractor and the general contractor;
  14. Assistance and representation of a Romanian constructor in a commercial arbitration arising from a public procurement contract for the execution of a water and waste system in the central area of Romania;
  15. Advising, assisting and representing in the procedure of selling the majority stake to a foreign investor, by drawing up, negotiating and concluding the documents related to the transaction (SHA, SPA, THE HAGUE, etc.);
  16. Advising and assisting the buyer in all procedures related to the assignment of social parts of a company owning a famous hotel on the Romanian seaside;
  17. Advising and assisting permanently in the process of entering the Romanian market of an Irish company active in the area of software solutions development for the HR field;
  18. Assistance and advice of several agents operating and maintaining numerous Rompetrol stations in negotiations for amicable settlement of disputes;
  19. Providing legal advice to an international company for the sale of beauty products, personal care, at the moment of entering the Romanian market;
  20. Permanent advice on the current activities of the company, including the legal strategy on the expansion of the company at international level and in other related areas of activity offered to a major producer, importer and distributor of fruits and vegetables in Romania;
  21. Management, as arbitral assistant, of more than 50 domestic and international commercial arbitration cases, especially in the field of construction;
  22. Participation, as specialist lawyer, permanent partner and member of the project team, at the annual events #reCONSTRUIM și #NOVEMBarh.

Ph. D.  – Arbitration in intellectual property law
Faculty of Law –Nicolae Titulescu University

L.L.M. – International arbitration
Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

Degree in Law
Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

Training courses:
ICC-FIDIC Conference on International Construction Contracts

Practical application of National Enterprise Contract – GD 1/2018 on design and execution of works

Authorized translator for legal English – authorized by Ministry of Culture of Ministry of Justice

Total Leader – LMI Romania

The new Regulation on public procurement – Law No. 98/2016, Law. No. 99/2016, Law. No. 100/2016 and Law. No. 101/2016

Workshop for Copywriter 

English, French, Romanian