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Servicii juridice complete - OGLINDĂ & PARTNERS


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Servicii juridice complete - OGLINDĂ & PARTNERS

The reflection of your success!

The reputation of Oglindă & Partners has been meticulously crafted upon a client-centric approach. We are devoted to reshaping paradigms through actions and outcomes. A steadfast yearning for self-improvement binds us, and we hold steadfast in the significance of our work's quality.

Elevating excellence crafted by collaboration, defined by tailored strategies!


Servicii juridice complete - OGLINDĂ & PARTNERS

Real estate 

„Throughout our long-term collaboration, Oglindă & Partners’ team has offered us support and counsel in Real Estate matters, as well as in many other practice areas. We were impressed by their expertise, thorough approach, and flexible thinking. Above all, we want to thank Simona Reithofer, head of the Real Estate department; she has a real eye for detail and a remarkable ability to unravel the most complex legal issues with surprising ease. The team has demonstrated incredible depth in terms of their working methods and communication.”

Thor Octavian Pleter, CEO

IDM Kennedy Group CO SRL

Real Estate

The Oglindă & Partners’ team proved excellent strategic and analytic thinking, efficiency and responsiveness. Choice of counsel is a very important decision in Real Estate as it requires trust and transparency, qualities demonstrated by the team throughout our collaboration. The Real Estate department led by Simona Reithofer is, without question, one of the most organized, considerate and reliable teams we have worked with.  They understand the pressure and difficulties that come with real estate projects, providing prompt answers and suitable solutions”.


Florian Cătălin Predescu

Renew City S.A.

“Oglindă&Partners has assisted us in the last five years along numerous projects in public procurement and international arbitration, each time showing professionalism and dedication in defending our rights and interests.

The international arbitration team has an experience that exceeds many other firms on the market. Their ambition and continuous desire for knowledge turns any problem we encounter into a challenge, working as hard as necessary to overcome it.

We also thank Eugen Sârbu (leading partner of this area of practice) for the patience and promptness he has showed throughout our collaboration and especially for the way he always puts our interests first.”

Andrei Petre Popescu

Tecnoservice București S.A

“In what concerns public procurement and international arbitration practice, Oglindă&Partners differentiates itself from its competition through the empathy for their clients and solid legal knowledge revealed during our collaboration.

The team is tailored with experienced and determined lawyers who have found the solution to our legal problem in the shortest time possible.

Highly organized and with a well-developed legal intuition, Oglinda&Partners has managed to implement a successful strategy.”

Mădălina Ignatuc

Inspeti Building Restauration S.R.L.

Oglindă&Partners is one of the most professional law firms I have worked with. The Public Procurement and International Arbitration team manages to rise to the highest standards every time.

I worked together with Mihai Ionescu-Balea (associate in this area of practice), a well experienced and innovative young lawyer, being a real help in solving our problems. The accuracy of his work and the ability to find new strategies according to our new interests, made us to continue the collaboration. Clarity, promptness and deep thinking are qualities that characterize both Mihai Ionescu-Balea and the entire Oglindă&Partners company.”

Marian Constantinescu

TPF Inginerie

Servicii juridice complete - OGLINDĂ & PARTNERS

A Complete unity, together

Our team harmoniously blends the energy and creativity of our young attorneys with the proficiency of our guiding practitioners, each with over 25 years of legal practice. Together, we operate synergistically to achieve the finest outcomes for our clients

Servicii juridice complete - OGLINDĂ & PARTNERS


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